Hello, my name is Shane Krolikowski.

Tacoma born and raised, eventually settling in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, WA after graduating from University of Washington, Seattle campus. That was my first degree in Botany w/ a minor in Chemistry.

I have several disciplines, but my most passionate one is programming. It started out as an evening hobby, but soon became an obsession. I started out in the Web Development, and have further branched out into Game Design & Development. It is my goal to continually challenge myself, learn from my failures, and grow.

For the last 20 years I've focused my efforts in web application development, for hobby and work. My professional career has consisted of building various tools in order to help people create their own website. Our most recent version of our content management system FusionCMS is open source.

Prior to this I would experiment with different ideas for websites, pushing them live to see if anything stuck.

Audore was a place for people to upload open licensed sound bytes or songs for others to peruse, rate, and download.

Guessables was another idea that allowed user's to upload a cropped image and other users' could guess what the full image was. Sadly it didn't take.

One of the more successful sites was a hip hop lyric database called One Line Rhyme.

It was a community, user-content driven website where users could login, add a one or two line rhyme they thought was clever or strange. Then other users would comment and vote on said lyric. It was a cool idea and we got quite a bit of user activity. Eventually, I ended up becoming too busy to maintain it and let it... expire.

The last 5 years...

I've ventured into Game Design & Development. I owe a lot of credit to this website who motivated me to go down the list building as many games as a could using Lua & Love2D.

Since then I've released several games, the most recent being Recycle Bros., which takes inspiration from the old Game & Watch games released by Nintendo.

In the works...

...currently is a sequel to my 2d platformer Space Bum For Hire. It'll be written in Unity.